Jul 25, 2014

Golden Leo

Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Gina Tricot
Bomber - Gina Tricot
Shoes - H&M
Stockings - Shibuya 109
Shoes - H&M
Jewelry - Flash Trash

I'm so completely in love with my new jewelry from my Flash Trash, they were so kind to sent me some of their pieces of the new collection and i am IN LOVE. They are such high quality and so pretty, I especially love the ring, I haven't seen a double one like this before and I'll probably wear it every upcoming day. 
And look at that lovely packaging, it's so beautiful!
Definitely check them out at http://www.myflashtrash.com/ ! They have lots of stunning pieces! 

Isn't this a fun hair-do? I recently love braiding my hair as well as doing other braid-like things like this one, it's so fun and easy to do!

I love leopard print in combination with all black because it can easily be a little too much if paired differently, so I wore it with a pair of high waisted shorts and a stunning top. I simply ADORE the back of it, it's such a nice detail!

Having a fun post coming up tomorrow, watch out!

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  1. Ugggh, you're so fucking pretty and look a lot like Taylor Momsen.