Jul 13, 2014

Midnight Stroll

                                               Dress - Motel
                                       Leather Jacket - Zara 
                                      Clutch - My grandma's
                  Shoes - Local (But similar ones are up on ebay) 

Isn't this little sparkly dress just perfect for a night out? I love it so much and am extremely happy with the fit of it. It's completely lined which is heaven for a sequin dress as I have one which is just unbearable to wear, so itchy! It shimmers differently depending on how the dress is hit by the light, purple blue and green tones being the main colors. As you can see, from further away it looks just like a black sequin dress.. I'm loving the change you see when it's up close. I was searching for a long sleeve dress for aaaages, especially when clubbing I like to be a little more covered up in the upper area, I really enjoy dancing all night and with this there's no worry of accidentally showing anything. 

The only part which is annoying about this dress is that my hair gets all tangled  up in the sequins!! I really need to be careful not to rip my whole hair out...

As I love this tiny clutch from my grandma, she always lets me borrow it for a night out <3 It's at least 50 years old so I'm extremely careful when taking this beauty out with me.

I threw my favorite leather jacket from Zara on just because it gets so chilly at night. I really love matching dresses with leather instead of blazers to give it that slight edgy look to it.

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